Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here are two of Wes' favorite videos from youtube. He has some sense of humor.

Back from vacation

We're back from vacation. I feel more tired now then I did before we left! We had a decent time although it was raining for most of the vacation. Our lovely state even suffered a tornado. New Hampshire doesn't usually have these kinds of disasters so it was a surprise to even the National Weather Service. We're all praying for the families who are suffering through this tragedy.

Meeting Thomas was a blast! The weather was mediocre. It was overcast but muggy. Thomas was front and center when we arrived at the station. Sir Topham Hat was there too. Both boy's face just lit up like a light bulb at Christmas when they saw him. Casey couldn't stop saying "Ook, Tas!". Translation: Look, Thomas! We stood in line to get a picture with Thomas which Wes wasn't too agreeable for, but we managed to get a semi-decent one out of it. There was a gift shop tent and we just had to visit. Sodor Island everywhere! The prices were actually pretty decent so each boy got a little something. Wesley got a CD for the car and Casey got a plate, bowl, and silverware set. He's into using forks and spoons now so that should work out well. Oddly enough, we've gotten him to try more foods just by giving him a fork.

Then it was time for the big event! Thomas was going to pull a train with us on it! Well, okay, not really. A diesel engine was pulling the train and Thomas for that matter but none of the children knew that. We found our seats which left about no room for our legs and our journey of 25 minutes started. The diesel engine sounded it's horn and clattered along the rail. Wes immediately put his hands to his ears and looked a little worried. Daddy was thinking that morning and suggested we bring his headphones and MP3 player along for the journey. That did the trick. He listened to his music and looked out the window. He even waved at others out the window briefly. Then there was Casey. Ah, my little boy. Full of energy and something else. He was not a happy camper to be just sitting on the train. Mommy had to reprimand him with some harsh tones. Once the train moved, he was better. Nearly falling asleep. That's what we get for scheduling this right before lunch and nap time. When the train pulled back into the station, we loaded off and headed right to lunch.

All in all, it was a great day. Just to see their faces was so precious. I hope he comes again next year. I'm not sure if they'll still be 'in' to him or not. We shall see! The rest of the week was filled with fun activities and day trips when the rain held out. It's back to reality now. Pics to come shortly.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Computer Savvy - Take 2

This child is now becoming an aficionado with the home computer. Pretty soon, he'll bypass me in that department. He's taught himself the capabilities of the mouse. Moving the mouse moves the cursor and clicking the button brings you to somewhere new. He's been playing games on the computer for over a year now but could never get the hang of the mouse. Let me back up.

Not too long ago, I was in the kitchen making dinner and Wes wanted to watch Jack Johnson on youtube. At this point, I was under the impression that he still didn't understand the workings of the mouse. I heard the song coming to an end and told him I'd be there in a second to replay the song. The next thing I hear is the song replaying itself. Strange I thought but maybe there was some sort of glitch and I just let it replay. Song ends and starts to play again. Now I'm intrigued. As soon as I hear the end of the song, I sneak a peek through the doorway and wouldn't you know it! The little bugger moved the mouse up to the replay button and clicked. Needless to say I was amazed, but only for a short moment. Then I shook my head with a "figures".

He's moved on from using the mouse with youtube, to using it with games he's familiar with. He's even trying to navigate going to this favorites folder and making a selection. He's not familiar with that yet and here's an example of that.

I heard him banging on the keys and thought that maybe he was stuck on something or the pages wouldn't load so I went to check on him. I found him on Ebay bidding on a single engine airplane. An actually passenger airplane. It's time to put the child blocks in place.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Off Kilter

The last 4 weeks have wreaked havoc on Wesley. It has been a long time since he's acted the way he's acting lately. There have been quite a few monkey wrenches thrown at him and it's all just too much. School ended (mid-week) and summer vacation started. I tried my hardest to warn him what was going to happen, but how do you warn a nearly non-verbal three year old about all the change that's going to happen. Summer program started two weeks later and the time and dates are different. He is only going three days a week for 2 hours a day. Instead of going first thing in the morning, he's going later in the morning until lunch time. Then I added cranial sacral therapy to his mix. Again, brought him to the office a couple of times and told him we'd be coming there once a week.

I'm seriously dreading when school starts again in August. Not only will he be in the afternoon class this year (12pm to 2:30pm), but it's in a new school all together. They needed to move the class because the preschool room is needed for the elementary school. This school is just a few blocks away too. They also want to give him a new para-professional for the new school year. Now I know that that practice is typical in elementary and up, but it was his first year in preschool, he started late, and he's still young. They seriously can not give him that much change in such a short time. I have pleaded my case and told them that we want the same para-pro come this fall. They're trying to fight with me about it, but I'm holding my ground. The boy just won't be able to cope. This is all new for him. If summer is throwing him off this much, then what will that do to him on top of everything else!

I can't fail to mention that both of my boys are sick. They both came down with fevers on Sunday. Casey worse then Wesley. I thought it might be hand-foot-and-mouth disease , but the doctor seems to think it's strep throat so we're waiting for the test to come back from the lab. I think this has thrown him off his game too. Poor kids. It was a rough night last night and I don't think Tim and I got much sleep. Most was interrupted by a 2 foot Tasmanian devil thrashing around in our bed last night. Casey slept in bed with us and that boy does not sleep soundly. A good portion of the night, I slept with a foot lodged in my back and Tim said he lost count of how many times he got kicked. Wesley climbed out of his bed and climbed into ours before our circus performer joined us. Unfortunate we only have a queen bed because it sure gets cramped with four bodies.

We'll be heading out for vacation next week if everyone can heal. We have plans to go see Thomas and Friends at a railway station up north for A Day Out With Thomas. We'll actually get to take a train ride with Thomas himself. I can't wait to see what their reaction will be when we see him. I'm a little concerned for Wesley but when am I not. We'll have lots of pictures when we get back!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movin on up

When little feet start hanging over the bottom of the bed, you know it's time to upgrade. He's officially out grown the toddler bed. I've been searching and searching for just the right bed for him. I wanted to get a loft or raised bed so that he can have a little hideaway underneath. It couldn't be too high, or too low. I searched online and found plans to make a loft bed, but I have neither the power tools nor the know-how to create such a bed. My search continued. We had a very strict budget (seeing as we're a one income family) so that played a huge part in my search as well.

I started looking on the famed site craigslist to see if such a bed was being sold there. I saw quite a few loft style beds, but they were either metal, or way to high for a three year old. I came upon a great looking loft bed complete with a slide and hideaway curtains underneath. It was nearly perfect, except the price. My mom offered to purchase the bed for us and I was excited, but something just kept nagging at me that this wasn't it and I should continue searching.

Finally, there it was. The bed I had been looking for. It was perfect and exactly in our price range. The bed is from Ikea. The person selling it had recently bought it for her son and he hated it. She said her loss was our gain and boy was she right!

Tim and I immediately started to put this thing together. It had what seemed like 100 parts and a small case full of bolts, screws, and what have you. The directions came with no words, only pictures. Fortunately for us, we figured it out pretty easily. I ran out to buy new sheets and pillow cases. We already had a sports comforter that we bought for the toddler bed. It was a twin size and just too big. Soon after we put it together, Wes was climbing up like a pro with a huge grin on his little face and giggles spewing from his mouth. He loves it!!

It's been a week now since he's been in his big boy bed. He pretty much stays in the bed when he goes to bed, but occasionally gets down when he should be sleeping. I tucked his bookcase and his toy box underneath. I plan on putting some curtains up underneath so he can tuck himself away under there and have a place to call his own. He hasn't gone under there yet but I'm sure he'll work up to it soon. The best part is that Casey can't get up there so Wes already has a retreat to call his own. He looks so tiny up there all by himself and it makes me sad that my baby is in a huge bed, but I still have Casey. That poor boy will be in that crib until I can part with him not being a baby anymore. I should start calling therapists now, I suppose.

The room looks bare because now I have to redecorate for Sports rather then Thomas and Friends

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where is he?!

If ever there was a premonition, I certainly had it yesterday. Yesterday was the first full class summer preschool and boy were there some hitches. When I went to drop Wes off at 10am, there were five Sp.Ed buses pulled up along side the school. Some kids were being dropped off, some were in the wrong spot to be dropped off and three were picking kids up. No one had any idea who was going on what bus, and were the other buses should be. I thought to myself Crap, and Wes will be taking the bus later this afternoon. What if he gets lost in the shuffle? Thankfully, he made it home safe and sound. What a relief.

Today was typical drop off. Things looked to be going more smoothly and calmly. I felt much better today. I brought Wes over to his hook, gave him a kiss goodbye and dragged Casey kicking and screaming out of the school (He wants to go to school. I think so he can carry a pack pack too). Casey and I went for a little ride to escape the dripping heat that has blanketed our area. I made him lunch early because he was very cranky and we had plans for the afternoon. After I put him down for nap, I went outside to sit on our stoop and wait for the bus.

12:15pm came and went with no sign of the bus. I started to panic slightly. I grabbed my phone and called the dispatcher at the bus company. She put me on hold to find out where the bus was. Her response was that Wes was never put on the bus. No one brought him outside. Okay, panic set in a little more. The school hadn't called me to say he was still at school and I had a cranky 1 year old sleeping upstairs. What the hell am I supposed to do?? The dispatcher said she would call the school again and find out what was going on. Now, at this point, I'm nearly in hysterics with a slight panic attack happening. Where the hell is my child?! After a dropped call and being hung up on, I finally reached the bus company and she told me that Wes was indeed on the bus and would be home soon. Now mind you, this is at 12:30pm. After ten minutes of hyperventilation, I called the company again and demanded to know where my child was and when he'd be home. The dispatcher told me that he was at the other end of town and it would probably be 10 more minutes before he was home. I lost it. I blew up and told them that this was unacceptable. He was a special needs, three year old who doesn't speak! I am a frantic mother who isn't getting answers and all I want is my child!
Finally, at 1pm (an hour after school ended) my son arrived home unscathed and extremely sweaty, otherwise, no worse for the wear. The bus driver saw my face and nearly burst into tears herself. She apologize profusely and asked me to please put my faith back in her that she will never forget my child again. She told me that one of the aides told her that Wes was out today while another one put him on the bus. She assumed he wasn't on the bus and just kept going on her route. When dispatched called her, she said he wasn't on the bus. Now, mind you, every Sp.Ed bus has a monitor. Neither one of them noticed my child was sitting in the second row of seats until they were across town.
I want to know who told the driver that my son was sick. I want to know why she didn't do a head count before she left the school to make sure everyone was accounted for, and I want someone held accountable for all of this. I'm considering making them change him from the 10am class to the 8am class so I can pick him up and drop him off for awhile. The reason why I have him take the bus home is because Casey usually is down for his nap by 11:30-12 and would be so cranky at pick up. I figured it would work out perfectly.
I was just so glad to have him home. What a nightmare!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second Session

Wes had his second session of Cranial Sacral therapy. I'm still unsure exactly what it is, but it certainly is interesting. His first session did not go as well as the second. He didn't want to be touched at all and nothing was distracting him. He didn't want to read M's (the therapist) books or play with her toys. He just wanted away from M and tried to escape the room a few times. The second time around, I screwed on my Mommy Brain and brought his MP3 player, blanket, lap top toy, and a couple of our books. He was more relaxed and allowed M to do her thing. She said she felt quite a few 'hot spots', whatever that is. She also worked a lot on his stomach area and said she felt some back up in his intestines which could mean constipation. I told her that after the first session, he was pooping two times a day which is not normal for Wes. We even forgot to mix in his Miralax a couple of days and he was still going twice a day. Her work made him super gassy and I was a little bit embarrassed. M didn't seem to care.
At the end of the session, Wes had had enough and was starting to kick and hit M. I tried my best to control his aggression, but I knew he wasn't going to stop. He had reached his threshold so we ended a bit early.
M really thinks this is going to work for him. I wish I knew how or why but I just can't seem to grasp what it is she's releasing. My wonderful mother-in-law has done or is doing cranial sacral and she swears by it. Wes' aide in school does it too and she loves it. Both have had some amazing results health wise so I guess we'll see!
I'll be sure to update again after a few more sessions.

Fast Forward

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