Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet relief

I don't know why, but I am still amazed that this is working. Maybe it's because I didn't want to think it would work. I thought the effort would be more then the pay off, but I was wrong. I can just see the relief on Wes' face when he goes. Some days he's going twice! No more stomach distention, no more struggling, and no more constipation! He did have one issue where I found a small streak of blood in his diaper. He had gone earlier that day without a problem. He seemed fine, but was a bit read. While at the playground, he kept grabbing at his rear end like he had a wedgie. I adjusted his pull-up (yes, we're back to those) and sent him off to play again. After 5 more minutes, he came over to me and said "I hurt". He's never said those words to me but I wanted to take him serious. I packed the kids back up and we headed home so I could change Wes. That's when I discovered the blood. I immediately called the pediatrician and the nurse told me to keep an eye out and if it happened again, to bring him in. I know he has to have some irritation left over from the constipation. It could be small hemorrhoids or some left over tears from all the struggling. I just hope my baby is okay.

I've purchased two books and borrowed two from our lending library on potty training. I am determined to have this boy potty trained by the end of summer. My goal, as huge as it sounds, is to have both boys trained by the end of summer. Lord, give me strength.


Casdok said...

No more constipation - good news! And good luck with the potty training!!

Mom said...

Hi Jess,
You don't need the Lord as much as you think, you already have what it takes to get the job done. Good Luck!!!!!

The Precious Case of AkmaL said...

Hi A World Away,

I'm glad I found your blog as I'm a new blogger and new visitor and we are just a click away :)

Precious Case

The Precious Case of AkmaL said...

Hi A world away,

Just checking whether you are still blogging, look forward for your next post. Take care

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