Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello Floor. Meet Nose.

Life with boys is interesting at best and frustrating at worst. Boys are rough, tough, and very active. I'm finding it not easy to relate to their little world. The bright spot is, having a little brother when you have autism is a blessing. Casey will not give up on his older brother when it comes to playing. He adapts to Wes' playing habits and that's not always a good thing.

It was a busy morning Saturday. We were planning on trying to get rid of some old stuff in a yard sale. That didn't go so well. While we were cleaning up, Casey was trying to get in his brothers face and Wes was not happy. He shoved Casey hard and Casey's poor little face met the hardwood floor hard. He immediately started screaming which was a good sign. I scooped him up and noticed his little nose was already showing signs of swelling and broken blood vessels. It was slightly bleeding, but not gushing. Off to Urgent Care we go!

We had no time to prep Wes for what was happening so I should have known what was ahead of us. He was MAD! He threw a huge meltdown outside while Tim was trying to get him out of the car. Meanwhile, I was running in with Casey who seemed too calm for someone who smashed his nose on the floor.

Two and a half hours later and about 4 meltdowns, no broken nose. Just very badly bruised. My poor little man. Do you think that he learned his lesson? Nope. While in the waiting room, he started on his brother, nearly hitting his face again.

When parent's have boys, you should be able to keep a running tab at the Emergency room.


The Precious aKmaL said...
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Casdok said...

Sounds painful, hope it heels quickly.

Peggy said...

Hey, are you on Facebook?

I have totally neglected my blog too. Life changes. Would love to see how you are doing.

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