Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The ups and downs

It's been 3 full days of no dairy for Wesley. He's on day two of no bowel movement so I think I might give him some Miralax. Not sure what's going on.

We had his IEP review and his Summer Program meeting yesterday. We talked a lot about his behavior lately. He has become very stubborn and stuck. He doesn't want to do what he's told at school and at home. He fights us on nearly everything. I'm not sure what's causing this. Could it be the milk, or maybe it's watching Casey's behavior. Casey is certainly in the terrible twos with gusto. Wes has been watching this behavior and even imitating some things Casey is doing. They have been bickering like brothers do but moreso lately. Wes has even gotten very physical with Casey. I'm not concerned because Casey can certainly hold his own. He doesn't hurt Casey, but makes it known that he's getting on his nerves.

We'll keep on keepin on.

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